Band rehearsals room tips

This page has been written for bands and performers who may not have as much experience with rehearsing in a band rehearsal room.

Arriving on time

Arriving on time to the band rehearsal room is important as you want to get the most of your time spent rehearsing with your band and if you turn up late the chances are you won’t get that time back as the rehearsal studio may already have another band booked in after you. It’s best to get there a little early, you may have to wait a little for the room to become available but then you will get the maximum time and more out of your band rehearsals.

Setting up your own gear

When setting up your equipment in band rehearsal take a moment and make sure you can see all your band mates with ease. It’s vital to be able to communicate whilst playing to draw attention to something that might need changing e.g. song to slow, wrong section of song etc etc.

Setting up PA system

In a band rehearsal one of the hardest thing relating to sound to get right is the PA system. One issue people have in band rehearsals is feedback. This occurs in a PA system when the mic sends what is going into to the PA which then projects it out through the speakers which then is picked up again by the mic’s. Moving the mic and changing the sensitivity of the mic’s will help with that. Also think about your volumes as a band as playing very loud won’t help you in any way.

Checking sound levels

One of the biggest problems in band rehearsals is volume! The chances are the band rehearsal room you are in is not massive but yet bands play so loud it’s like they are in Wembley stadium.  As a band playing and performing it is VITAL to be able to hear the vocals. It is there for good practice to set the volume of the vocals first. Then add drums, this can be tricky as drummers have no way of turning down as they don’t have a volume switch. They do however have the ability to play quieter and this is very important. What often happens is the drums are too loud and as a result all the other instruments turn up and nobody can hear the vocals. There is only so far the PA can be pushed (like any amp or speaker) before it will blow. This then becomes a costly repair which could easily be avoided. If you are not sure on how to set up a PA or set your band’s sound level, ask somebody who in the rehearsal room for help. They will be more than happy to help out.

Time keeping

When in the rehearsal room it is important to be aware of the time and how long you have got left. Quite often band rehearsal rooms will book bands in one after another so it is always good practice to factoring packing away time into your session to ensure you are ready to leave when your time is up. You would expect that from bands if they were before you so other bands are no different.

Leave practice room as you found it

When your all done and ready to leave ensure you are paid up with the studio and leave rehearsal room. Ensure any rubbish is in the bin and to make sure the room is looking how you found it for the next band.