Why get drum lessons?

Learning to play the drums is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for anybody who decides to take it up. Whether it is just as a hobby or something more serious, playing and learning the drums is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Apart from the obvious enjoyment people get from just hitting stuff there are also many other benefits for people studying drumming such as stress reduction, exercise, confidence building, self-expression and not forgetting learning to play drums and be part of a band.

The first Wirral drum lesson

If you live in the Wirral area and are looking for Wirral drum lessons for either yourself or for a friend or family member then you can try out a 30 minute drum lesson for just £6.50 (Half Price). This is a great way to see if the drum lessons we offer are for you.

Where do Wirral drum lessons take place?

Wirral Drum lessons take place at Wirral Music Factory and lessons are delivered on top quality, professional drum kits. The studio is situated by Hamilton Square in Birkenhead. Free parking is available, and it is well served via local public transport, so is easily accessible and easy to find.

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