Chris Bass Tutor at Wirral Music Factory

Chris plays Bass, Mandolin and Ukulele and is a session musician and private tutor who has been playing and gigging professionally for ten years onward.

At Wirral Music Factory, Chris teaches Bass Lessons, Mandolin Lessons and Ukulele lessons.

Studying in the very same college as Wirral Music Factory's own Matt, Chris has studied and gained a vast amount of performance, teaching and recording knowledge in the music industry for the last 6-7 years, and in 2017 graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Honours Degree in Popular Music from Liverpool Media Academy (under Staffordshire University).

After which, he then returned to the college to assist students in their assessment performances and give private and group lessons to a handful of them.

While studying and after graduating, Chris has performed and performs with a variety of different Soloists and Bands around the Liverpool area, UK and abroad, all of a different style including Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Metal, Folk and more to name a few. He has also performed with many famous names such as Liverpool legends Cast and John Power (The La's/Cast).

As well as Bass being his principal instrument, Chris also can play many different musical instruments including Upright Bass, Guitar, Mandolin and Ukulele. Ideal for being in the session industry and for teaching. He also has perfect pitch which is a big help to any person or ensemble he'd be assisting or teaching.