Wirral Guitar Lessons

Wirral Music Factory now offers Wirral Guitar lessons to students of any age or level of ability. You can develop your own sound and reach the goals that you want to achieve for your own playing. Wirral Guitar lessons are delivered by our Guitar Tutors.

Who has Guitar Lessons

The simple answer is anybody! It does not matter if you have never played the guitar before or if you have been playing for some time but want to look at ways of improving and developing. Wirral Guitar lessons at WMF will give you the tools you need to play the way you want to play.

Would you like to try a guitar lesson

At Wirral Music Factory we understand that it is a big step committing to guitar lessons. With this in mind, we offer a half-price first guitar lesson that lasts for 30 minutes for just £7.50. To claim, enter the word TASTER in the coupon/code area to get £7 off your FIRST LESSON 30 minute lesson. 

Where are the guitar lessons?

All guitar lessons take place at Wirral Music Factory situated in Birkenhead close to Hamilton Square Station. We have all the equipment needed to help you learn in the best possible environment so you can concentrate on one thing only, your guitar lesson!

Wirral Guitar lessons

What will I learn in the guitar lessons

At Wirral Music Factory our aim is to be as student-led as possible. Our aim is to encourage and develop the talent and passion you already have for your guitar. If you want to learn and work through your grades, we can guide you and show you the techniques and methods that will enable you to sound great. Some students want to learn their favourite songs, learn to read music or learn soloing techniques. Whatever you want to learn in the guitar lessons, we are here to help. Some students want to focus on specific areas of their playing to develop and improve them. Some of these areas include;

  • Chordal and Soloing Techniques (Modal scales, Upper structure Triadic approaches, Non harmonic triadic approaches)
  • Learn Grades
  • Learn songs (Further technical study may be needed)
  • Chord development and structures
  • Improvisation Techniques
  • Picking techniques (Alternative, sweep, finger and Hybrid picking)
  • Music Styles
  • Reading Music
  • Playing with a band

If you are starting out with Guitar and are not sure what some of this stuff is, don’t worry! Wirral Guitar lessons will be fun, interesting and taught at your own pace. What you want to learn is up to you!

how long do wirral guitar lessons last

Guitar lessons can either be 30 Minutes or 60 Minutes long. If you are not sure what lesson length would suit you best then our tutors will give you all the help and advice needed to decide.