Wirral Violin Lessons

WMF is now pleased to offer Wirral Violin lessons to students. The Violin lessons are given by  Tess and  Sam who both have vast experience in playing, performing and teaching Violin.

What will I learn in the Violin Lessons

The Wirral  Violin lessons at WMF are student focused. The Violin lessons are your lessons so you learn what you want to learn. From time to time the Wirral Violin tutors will recommend techniques and exercises they feel will help you but ultimately the decisions are your. If students would like to study Violin grades we currently offer Violin grade lessons in the Associated Board syllabus.

Would you like to try a Violin lesson

At Wirral Music Factory we understand that it is a big step committing to Violin lessons. With this in mind, we offer a discounted first guitar lesson that lasts for 30 minutes for just £7.50. To claim, enter the word TASTER in the coupon/code area to get £7 off your FIRST LESSON 30 minute lesson.

Where are the violin lessons?

All guitar lessons take place at Wirral Music Factory situated in Birkenhead close to Hamilton Square Station. We have all the equipment needed to help you learn in the best possible environment so you can concentrate on one thing only, your guitar lesson!

Wirral violin Lessons

How long do the Violin Lessons last?

Wirral Violin Lessons at Wirral Music Factory last for either 30 or 60 minutes depending what you are looking for.

Do I need my own Violin?

We understand that sometimes people don’t own an instrument and before they commit to buying a Violin for lessons they want to try it out before hand. We have a Violin at Wirral Music Factory for student to use during lessons time and then students can try it out and if they like it buy a Violin themselves.

Can I try a Violin lesson out to see if I like it?

Yes of course! We currently are offering a discounted taster Wirral Violin lessons for all students on their first visit to Wirral Music Factory. The Violin lesson lasts for 30 minutes and costs just £7.50 so you can try it out and see if you like it. To claim, enter the word TASTER in the coupon/code area to get £7 off your FIRST LESSON 30 minute lesson.