Wirral Piano Lessons

Wirral Music Factory offers Wirral piano lessons for students of all ages and levels of ability. Our great piano teachers will guide your all-round musical development, helping you to achieve your goals and realise your aspirations.

The Wirral piano lessons take place at Wirral Music Factory in one of our professional teaching studios. All rooms come equipped with high quality equipment, ensuring your piano lessons are of the highest quality.

How long to the piano lessons last

Wirral Piano lessons at WMF last for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. If you are not sure what length piano lesson would be right for you, have a chat with the tutor who will help you decide.

Would you like to try a Piano lesson

At Wirral Music Factory we understand that it is a big step committing to piano lessons. With this in mind, we offer a half-price first piano lesson that lasts for 30 minutes for just £7.50. To claim, enter the word TASTER in the coupon/code area to get £7 off your FIRST LESSON 30 minute lesson.

Where are the Piano lessons?

Piano Lessons take place at Wirral Music Factory in one of our professional teaching studios. We have all the equipment needed to ensure you get the very best tuition around. We believe we offer great Pianolessons and we can help you achieve all your goals, whatever they are.


Who has piano lessons

At Wirral Music Factory we teach students of all ages, ranging from complete beginners to those who have been performing for years. Students at Wirral Music Factory can use their Wirral Piano lessons to develop their technique and musicianship along with any other musical goals or targets.

What will I learn in wirral piano lessons

During the Piano lessons we like to, whenever possible, make the piano lessons student driven. So if you want to learn your favourite songs or learn scales or even learn grades in music we will help you to achieve your goal. Sometimes though students might not know what they want to learn. That is fine! Our teacher will be able to identify areas that they feel you would benefit from working on. We will then be there to support and help you learn whatever it is you want to learn.