Wirral Ukulele Lessons

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Would you like to try a taster Ukulele lesson?

Wirral Music Factory offers a 30 minute Ukelele lesson to first time students for just £7.50. This is a good opportunity for you to try our Ukulele lessons and see if you enjoy them.

To claim your taster Ukulele lesson, all you need to do is buy a single 30 minute lesson and at checkout in the coupon area type the word TASTER to get your discount on your first Ukulele lesson.

What will I learn in the wirral Ukulele Lessons?

At Wirral Music Factory our aim is to be as student-led as possible. We will encourage and develop the talent and passion you already have for your Ukulele, helping you to achieve your goals. If you want to learn and work through your Ukulele grades, we can guide you and show you the techniques and methods that will enable you to sound great. Some students want to learn their favourite songs, learn to read music, learn soloing techniques or performing in a band. Whatever you want to learn in the Ukulele lessons, we are here to help. Some students want to focus on specific areas of their playing to develop and improve them. Some of these areas include;


  • Soloing Techniques (Modal scales, Arpeggios, Chord Approaches, Intervals)
  • Learn Grades
  • Learn songs (Further technical study may be needed)
  • Song development and structures
  • Improvisation and Playing Techniques (Alternate picking, cross-picking, tremolo, double stops, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced fingerpicking)
  • Music Styles (Although the folk/traditional genre would be main principle)
  • Reading Music & Theory
  • Playing with a soloist or band 

Where are the Wirral Ukulele Lessons held?

All of our Ukulele lessons take place in Wirral Music Factory. Wirral Music Factory is located in Birkenhead, a short walk from Hamilton Square train station.