About Ged

Ged is a saxophonist from the Wirral who also plays flute and clarinet.

He started learning the saxophone aged 14 and two years later started playing in Soul and Funk and Jazz bands in the area. Around the same time he began busking in Liverpool and Chester, which is where he made his first money as a musician, (sometimes being paid by shop owners to leave rather than the beautiful music he was making!) Deciding to broaden his horizons he then busked his way around Europe settling in Barcelona and eventually ending up in Brazil for a year learning Bossa Nova and Samba.Ged then returned to the UK and moved to London to study where he graduated with a Degree and Masters in music. Since finishing his studies Ged has played music for 20 years, playing everything from Jazz, Rock and Pop, to Free Improv, Contemporary Music, West End shows and orchestral work on cruise liners.

As a teacher he has taught in primary and secondary schools and FE colleges and directed orchestras and wind and jazz bands as well as youth and adult choirs.