Wirral saxophone Lessons

Wirral Music Factory is now delighted to offer saxophone lessons to students from beginners to advanced.

Who are Saxophone Lessons suitable for?

The Wirral Saxophone lessons are suitable for adults and children from the age of 9 years old.
The age restriction for children is due to the size and weight of the instrument. For a younger child wishing to start they can begin learning the clarinet, which is part of the woodwind family and similar. Then to make the transition to saxophone for the young student will be easy.

What will you learn in the saxophone lessons?

The Wirral Saxophone lessons will be tailored to the individual needs of the students, finding out what music they want to play, what they want to sound like and, where they want to take their music. The ultimate goal of the saxophone lessons will be for the students to find their own sound and individual voice on the instrument. The lessons will be organized into 4 areas, tone production, technique, the learning of pieces and improvisation. The student will also learn to read music and about basic music theory.
With improvisation the student will learn about harmony (chords and scale usage) and the different styles of improvisation used in Jazz, Rock and Funk and Free Playing.
Ged will accompany you on piano as you learn your pieces so from the beginning you’ll making music and be improvising.

Where are the Wirral Saxophone lessons held?

All of our Wirral Saxophone lessons are held at Wirral Music Factory.

Wirral Saxophone Lessons

About the Saxophone

The saxophone is an incredibly expressive, versatile instrument and it can play many different styles of music from Jazz, Rock and Pop, or Funk and even Classical!
Adolph Sax invented the saxophone in 1846. He wanted to invent an instrument that was a mixture of a woodwind instrument (like a clarinet) and a brass instrument (like a trumpet). There are 4 main types of saxophones used in the family, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone.

Individual or group saxophone lessons?

You can learn the saxophone individually or in groups of two or up to four students.
Some students prefer individual saxophone lessons as they feel they can learn quicker with the sole attention of the teacher. Others prefer the energy of working in a group and a group dynamic and feel this is the best way for them to progress.

Can I take Saxophone grades?

Yes you can. There are two types of saxophone grades you can take, Associated Board or Trinity Jazz grades, both from grade 1 to grade 8. Your teacher will guide you when and what grade to take.

Do I need my own Saxophone?

Yes! Because of hygiene we recommend students have there own Saxophone to use during their lessons.

Can I try a taster lesson?

Yes we offer a discounted first lesson to student.

To claim, enter the word TASTER in the coupon/code area to get £7 off your FIRST LESSON 30 minute lesson.